I Gotta Learn to Shoot First

No this blog is not about firearms or the second amendment. It’s about taking pictures. When it comes to taking interesting pictures I am utterly inept. This is because I gawk instead of click. A ride doesn’t go by when I don’t think after some interesting thing goes by, “That would have made an interesting picture.” Doh.

Take tonight for example. I saw a bear and then a naked supermodel. Okay, not really. But I did see I guy riding an extremely low hand cycle. It was a recumbent that looked like it could roll underneath an SUV. 

As I approached Slaters Lane I spotted a police car parked on the trail just before the long boardwalk where the beavers build their dam. Not good. The car was empty. Hmmmm?

Trouble ahead?
Trouble ahead?

Interesting. At the far side of the boardwalk, I saw the cop talking into his lapel mounted radio mic. A cyclist had taken a tumble and was in need of assistance.

Help is here, ma'am.
Help is here, ma’am.

The handcycle guy came next but I gawked instead of snapped. Luckily I got a second chance of sorts. Nearly every morning I am passed by a bike with big knobby tires pulling a trailer that looks like a hand cart from a golf course. It’s an electric assist bike and it can move!  I am pretty sure this type of set up will be commonplace in five years. 

Electric assist bike and trailer
Electric assist bike and trailer

Of course no ride home would be complete without a resident of the 400 block of North Union Street obstructing the bike lane with the butt of his parked car. 420 North Union seems to be a repeat offender.  I didn’t see a ticket on his windshield. 

420 North Union needs some parking ticket love
420 North Union needs some parking ticket love

In an attempt to redeem myself, I decided to go for what any good Bostonian would call a wickid ahtistic pickcha. 

Is it art?
Is it art?


6 thoughts on “I Gotta Learn to Shoot First

  1. Cool. I recently read about how you get a lot more our of simply experiencing what you are seeing rather than pulling out your camera/phone to snap shots of everything. Sooo… maybe you are doing it right.

  2. I love taking pictures & I usually try to have my camera/cell phone avaliable whenever I’m on the bike but occassionally there are those missed opportunities where having the cell phone/camera out in enough time would have been handy.By the way, love reading your blog posts & have been a long time reader/blog stalker.

  3. Which way was the handcycle headed? I saw one heading north around Gravelly Point yesterday shortly after 6. Maybe it was the same guy?

    As to your general point about taking photos, I’m notoriously bad about not taking pictures, too. I used to blame it on having to stop and pull a bulky camera out of my panniers in order to get a decent quality photo. Then I got a new phone that has a very nice camera on it, which is usually just in my pocket, and I still almost never pull it out to snap photos. Maybe I need to ride in new, more beautiful places to give me more of an itch.

    1. Eric,
      The hand cyclist was heading north on the section of the trail next to Oronoco Bay Park (where the crew house is). For the life of me, I don’t know how he sees where he is going!

      1. My concern for him was less him seeing where he was going and more about others seeing him. Someone ahead of me started to pull out to pass a slower rider and almost went right into the handcycle. They managed to tuck back in line, but it was a close call, and it happened because I don’t think they saw the handcycle before beginning the pass attempt given how low to the ground it was.

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