Happy Feet

Over the past year I have taken up day hiking as a way to keep myself from getting bored with cycling. When you ride 150 miles per week just getting to and from work, the prospect of a weekend bike ride sometimes just doesn’t float your boat.

Hiking has been a lot of fun with one exception: it leaves my body wrecked. For somebody who used to run 10 miles per day this is a bit hard to accept. I could chalk it up to age since my last marathon was over 25 years ago. I am pretty sure it has more to do with the boots I’ve been wearing.

My old Dunham boots are 10 EE. Even though my feet are very wide, my feet slide aronud in these boots. And the bottoms seem to have no grip at all. Sometimes when I am hiking it feels like I am on ice.

DSCN3533_671So today I drove over to REI to try on some new boots. Actually, they are hiking shoes, a bit of a cross between trail running shoes and lightweight boots. They don’t cover my ankles which I like. These new shoes are 10 1/2 E and fit more snuggly. The soles seem to be grippier. I had hoped to get waterproof boots but they didn’t have any in stock. No worries, I’ll probably not be hiking in the wet anyway.

So for now, I have happy feet. I need to test these bad boys out on a hike soon. Yay!

8 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. I don’t ride anywhere near the numbers you do during my weekday commute, but I lately I have been unmotivated to do any real biking on the weekends, too. I’ve started walking around our neighborhood, and through nearby parks. I love seeing all the houses and trees and fall colors and lately, the squirrels madly digging holes. As much as you can see on a bike compared to a car, I see more while on foot. I really enjoy the slower pace. Hiking is a wonderful counterbalance. Enjoy the new boots!

  2. I wanted to extent an invitation to you for a return hike on Section A of the Billy Goat Trail, weekends or Federal holidays. Those boots will help a lot. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk at the coffee club (11/7) but the job called.

      1. A “three hour tour” and you could take McArthur Blvd or the C&O Towpath to the start. Just shoot me an email when the spirit moves you and we can make arrangements.

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