Coffeeneuring No. 5: Going Wireless

For the last few days, the bike computer on The Mule has been on the fritz. It’s a wired Trip 2 computer sold, I think, under the Trek brand. It has always been buggy but lately it’s been downright useless. The display was working fine but no matter what I did to the set up it wouldn’t pick up the rotations of the tire.

I started my ride intending to go a mile to a new Peet’s coffee shop near my home. Once I saw that I was going 0 miles per hour, I decided toride the 3 1/2 miles to my local bike shop, Spokes Etc. in Belle View Shopping Center. They had a wireless computer that did pretty much exactly what I wanted. So I bought it (and used my WABA discount, yay WABA). The nice folks at Spokes installed it for me for free. Good on you, Spokes.

I turned aroung and headed for Peet’s. Despite the address (below), it’s on US 1 in the heart of Hybla Valley. To say that this road is bike hostile would be a gross understatement. True to form, there was no bike parking anywhere near Pete’s. To be fair, there is no proper bike parking within 5 miles of my house. Fairfax County has a long way to go before it can be considered bike friendly.

The coffee was the house medium roast. I’d give it a 5 out of 10. Nothing remarkable but certainly drinkable. The shop itself had a couple of comfy chairs and some tables.

Date: Sunday, November 2

Location: Peet’s Coffee, 7707 Fordson Rd, Alexandria, VA

Drink: House medium brew. Okay. I drank it. I can make better.

Observation: I didn’t expect much from a chain coffee shop in a strip mall on US 1. It met my expectations. No bike parking.

Miles: 8.5

Coffeeneuring #5: Peet's Medium Roast

2 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring No. 5: Going Wireless

  1. I don’t mind that Pete’s over say Starbucks, but I prefer Buzz. I just don’t like going all the way to OT let along the far side.

    Speaking of parking, I wrote Safeway in Belle View a note several months back about the entire lack of bike parking and the sign saying no biking there. They said they would look into it. Nothing since. Guess Safeway doesn’t like cyclists. It may be old and rusty, but at least the Giant at Beacon Hill has a bike rack.

  2. There;s a Starbucks about 1/4 mile from the Peet’s so I could go there if I am in a pinch. I find their coffee very acidic and not to my liking. I like Buzz but it’s usually packed.
    As to the bike parking, the issue of bikes for transport is finally starting to get addressed in SE Fairfax County but its will be a long row to hoe.

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