My Right Foot

Back in my running days, I’d have an orthopedic issue every other week. Other than my recurring back problems, I’ve had very few injuries since I made the switch back to cycling. One injury, to my left foot, was a Morton’s neuroma. The long bones of the forefoot are called metatarsals. Between these long bones are long nerves. When the sheathing in which the nerve slides gets inflamed it can feel like you are stepping on a nail. That’s what Morton’s neuroma is. My neuroma comes and goes, mostly aggravated by narrow shoes. I am thankful that Shimano mountain bike shoes are wider than in the past.

About three weeks ago I was riding home from work and my right ankle seemed to momentarily give out. In a few days the outside of my right foot went numb. I figured the numbness would go away but it hasn’t so I went to my doctor today. He conducted a pretty thorough exam and even read the MRI report from my physiatrist who I was seeing in May for my back.

He decided that my back wasn’t causing the numbness. I asked about multiple sclerosis and he said that was highly unlikely. He did say that diabetes and Lyme disease are two possiblities. I had two diabetic uncles so it’s not too far fetched.

Lyme disease has always been on my mind. I am outdoors a lot and a few years ago I even had a bullseye bug bite on my back. I also have aches and pains in my arms and joints that I have been atrributing to aging. It will be good to know if Lyme’s at issue.

My primary care doctor refered me to a neurologist for an electromyography (EMG) exam. Basically it involves putting sensors on nerves and muscles to figure out what’s going on.

So by sometime next week I should have an idea of what’s going on in my foot.

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