Getting the Docs Out of My Way and Mate

I took a voluntary day off today to go to three medical appointments. I drove to all three which were spread all over Alexandria. First, came the dentist in the west end of Alexandria. I think every one of my teeth has a filling or a crown so dentist visits are usually an opportunity for financial disaster. This one went perfectly. No issues to deal with. I am done with my teeth for 6 months. Yay!

After a stop to kill time at a Starbucks (I rarely go there but it was convenient), I went to the dermatologist for a full body skin screening. I am of Irish/English stock so I am the king of sunburns. My skin is so pale that a childhood friend called me Boo Radley. (I am not making this up.) The dermatologist had a field day freezing various suspicious growths off all parts of my body. I lost count at 15. It wasn’t a lot of fun, but, unlike last year, I had nothing worthy of a biopsy so I am done with my skin for 6 months, too. Yay x 2!

My final stop was at the physical therapist. I hate doing all the crunches and dips and assorted other strange exercises but when I am done my back feels wonderful. The really good news is that other than when I drive my car, the numbness in my right foot seems to be fading away. Yay x 3!

Basically all this means that I have only three more doctor’s appointments to deal with. One more PT session. A return visit to the neurologist. And an ophthalmologist appointment. It’s possible that I could be done with doctors until July or August which means more time for riding and hiking.

Not related to medicine but worth talking about is an interesting alternative to coffee and black tea that I tried over the weekend. Yerba mate is a tea popular in South America. It has about 2x the caffeine of a can of Diet Coke but none of the acidity of black tea or coffee. I have been meaning to try mate for years but never could find it until now.

Tomorrow, I am back on The Mule for another bike commute. By the way, did you know that Friday is International Winter Bike to Work Day? You should sign up.

3 thoughts on “Getting the Docs Out of My Way and Mate

  1. Yerba Mate is great! My county is home to Guayaki, a company that produces mate products (everything from loose leaf tea to prepared iced tea and energy drinks). I really like all of the products that I’ve tried so far. Check them out if you see them in your local store.

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