In the Basement No One Can Hear You Scream

I’ve now logged three straight days of riding in the basement. The meditative calm of the first day has given way to stupefying boredom. This despite the fact that, while riding, I am reading Nick Hornby’s latest novel, Funny Girl, which is every bit as good as his others.

After yesterday evening’s “ride” both my feet went numb. This is a new one on me. I noticed that just before finishing my calves felt like bocce balls. I came upstairs and rolled them on a lacrosse ball, stretched my hamstrings with a belt, and did wall leans until they loosened up. And the numbness was gone.

Today’s spin was preceded my about 45 minutes of yoga mixed with physical therapy exercises, including the three mentioned above. I had no numbness at all in my feet. So after nearly four months I think I have this foot numbness thing finally figured out. I only wish I could make it go completely away. At least I have discovered some exercises that make my lower back pain free in the bargain.

Right now it’s snowing outside. From the looks of things we should get a couple of inches before it turns into an icy mess. Lucky for me, I bought tickets to a concert this evening in DC (a Christmas present for Mrs. Rootchopper) .So it should be an interesting night. (As I wrote the previous sentence the phone rang. It was Ticketmaster letting me know that the show will go on as scheduled.)

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