One Last Time – I Hope

I worked from home today. When Mrs. Rootchopper arrived home from work (yes, she’s one of the few federal employees who had to go to the office), she got stuck trying to drive into the neighbor’s driveway where she parks her car.

She got out a shovel. I got out the wovel and we went at it. The snow, only about three or four inches, was wet and heavy, unlike our previous snowfalls which were mostly powder. When I was a kid we called this good packing snow. Great for making snowmen and snowballs. Not so good if you have to shovel it.

But we did. For an hour we slogged away. It’s really quite a good work out as long as you are careful not to wreck your back. Next time we have a snow fall all of my readers are invited to the Rootchopper Institute to join in the fun.

On the whole I’d rather be snowshowing in this stuff. I hope to do some of that tomorrow evening after work.


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