Dreadless Monday

You could approach the begining of the work week with a sense of dread. Or you could jump on your bike and ride to work along the Potomac River in time for this.

On the way to work I stopped for 90 minutes of torture at my physical therapist. They took measurements to see how my range of motion has improved over the last two months. My range of motion has deteriorated. This could be because I rode hard yesterday. Or it could be that my body thinks medical science is poppycock.

After work a bunch of people went to happy hour. I can always use a little more happy so I went. After two glasses of happy, I went back to the office and changed into my bike commuting gear. It was warm out so I wore less than in the morning. Riding home in shorts with regular biking gloves is also a good way to add a little more happy.

The Mount Vernon Trail was somewhat busy. This is the price I pay for warmer weather. Warmer weather brings new sounds. During the last week or so, the number of bird songs has increased dramatically. I especially like hearing the red wing blackbirds. This evening I heard another welcome sound. At Jones Point Park south of Old Town Alexandria I heard the first spring peepers of the year. Yes!

Once I left the Mount Vernon Trail I had to content with an unusual number of drunk drivers. At least that’s what it seemed like. Drivers were zigging when they should have been zagging.

So Monday ended. It wasn’t dreadful. It was dreadless.

3 thoughts on “Dreadless Monday

  1. Is it bad to say I think drunk drivers are probably as respectful to me as the sober ones? Seriously, last night that stupid Canal Center Bus nearly took me out when he decided to try to pass me right up to a stop sign on Royal St. The best part? HE WAS TURNING LEFT AT THE STOP SIGN. If he had 5 seconds of patience, I was going straight. I didn’t bring my camera in today, but it’s fun to suddenly watch a huge vehicle moving right into your path just a few feet from a stop sign.

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