March by the Numbers

After two really frustrating months, I managed to bounce back nicely in March. The first few days were rides in the basement. I estimate that they were the equivalent of 59 miles. all on my Tour Easy recumbent.

Once the ice melted on the roads and trails I got back to bike commuting in earnest. I rode The Mule to work 14 times and 425 miles. I rode Little Nellie, my Bike Friday New World Tourist, to work once. It was a 38.5 mile commute because I ncluded two laps around Hains Point on the warmest evening of the not so new year. So my 15 bike commutes total 464 miles.

The rest of my rides were weekend errand rides.

All told I rode 614.5 miles in March. For the year I have 32 bike commutes. My total mileage is 1,426.5 miles.

Sidebar: Today was an interesting commute that could have cost me my life. The last quarter mile of my commute involves riding down a sidewalk from the Mount Vernon Trail to the garage in my building. As I was about to enter a crosswalk leaving the MVT, a driver of a big black SUV blew through the red light and took a right on red without stopping. He looked left to see if he could beat the traffic coming from that direction but never glanced at anybody who might be about to use the crosswalk coming from his right. This, I believe, is exactly how my wife was hit nearly four years ago. Of course, Mr. SUV was on his cell phone. Two blocks later it happened again. Another black SUV. Another driver looking left and turning right. If I was half as careless as either of these drivers my wife would be making funeral arrangements right now.

Be careful out there.

One thought on “March by the Numbers

  1. That’s why I hate riding on sidewalks or even MUPs that are adjacent to busy roads. No one in cars pays attention to that area. We’re safer ON the road where the rules are all the same and understood.

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