Bike Commuting Now with More Drama

This morning’s ride to work was a nonchalant affair. Big Nellie and I had big fun doing the street luge thing on the downhill on Park Terrace Drive. It was coldish and my eyes teared up as we approached 30 miles per hour. Nothing wakes me up like blindly riding a bike downhill to my doom.

The cruise up through Old Town was uneventful. Near the power plant a runner was standing on the side of the trail. She was checking out two vultures perched in a tree. By the time I got my phone out one had moved to an adjacent tree. Unfortunately, the vulture looks tiny in the picture. I took these carrion feeders as an omen.16821270658_b0594df901_z

Somehow, omen or not, I managed to get through the Intersection of Doom without becoming vulture chow.

Temperatures rose into the low 70s so I decided to go down to Hains Point to check out the progrees with the cherry blossoms. Not much doing on the blossom front I am afraid, but considering how hard the wind was blowing that is probably a good thing. How hard was the wind blowing? So glad you asked. It was blowing hard enough to capsize this little sail boat in Washington channel. It looked like a sailing class was underway. There was a motor boat to come to the rescue. The boat first completely capsized then they started righting it and the wind pushed the sail down to the water. After several tries the boat was righted and the two folks bobbing in the water with their life vests on could be pulled out. I image they were freezing their noo noos off.


After a couple of laps around Hains Point, I headed for home into a fierce headwind. As I approached National Airport the wind was so strong that it slowed me down to about 7 miles per hour. And I was spinning my ass off.

Even with the wind, the ride home was fun and much nicer than riding in February.

April, more drama, less frostbite.

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