This Is Getting Troublesome

Bike commuting on the Mount Vernon Trail normally brings the enjoyment of wildlife. Lately, it has started to get a bit creepy. Last week I rode by the head and spine of a Canada goose. No meat. No legs. No wings. No feathers.

Today on the way to work I passed a dead Canada goose lying on the trail. This one was the complete bird. I took a picture tonight on the way home. It had been moved to the side of the trail. It appeared to be headless. I wasn’t about to pick it up to be sure.


A few minutes before I stopped at the Tulane bald eagle nest. As I started to ride away, I noticed part of the skeleton of an animal in the trailside grass. I couldn’t make out what it was but it was gross.


Here it is turned over with my foot as perspective.


I don’t know if these three dead animals are connected but they were all found close to the Tulane nest. I am guessing today’s goose was hit by a car. These other two animals were picked clean.

One thought on “This Is Getting Troublesome

  1. Yep, those raptors do a lot of rapting (raptoring?) but at least they do it for food. Cars kill for sport.

    There’s a flattened duck at HP Tuesday night. This time of year I worry too much about the orphans, so I spent some time trying to find a nest nearby, but they tend to hide them fairly well.

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