They Say It’s Your Earth Day

It’s my Earth Day, too, yeah.

Except I didn’t realize it was Earth Day until I got to work and saw it plastered all over the interwebs. It’s one of the interesting paradoxes of riding a bike to work every day. I don’t listen to the radio much. I’m a bit disconnected from the latest outrage or pop fad. I don’t know what music is popular either. “You’ve heard of [insert popular artist’s name here].” “Nope.”

I don’t listen to tunes or podcasts on my bike. For two reasons. If I am listening to tunes or podcasts I might not hear that bus or garbage truck that is about to roll over my two-wheeled ass.  Also, if I listen to tunes or podcasts I’ll miss out on the sounds of the critters, of the rain water gurgling down to the river, to the wind blowing through the treetops, to the self-generated breeze blowing across my ears.

Today was my 42nd bike commute of the year. I stopped to watch the sun reflecting off the river. I stopped to wonder who ate yesterday’s Canada goose carcass leaving only some feathers to remember it by.  (I learned today that bald eagles do eat dead animals so it may be that my top-of-the-food chain friends have started varying their diet away from Potomac River fish.)

Gone goose on the #MVT

I don’t ride to work to save the planet. It’s a nice little bonus but it is way down my to-do list. I ride to work because it’s fun, because it calms my mind and feeds my soul. If you think this sounds nutty then you don’t understand the bigger picture:

Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up.

John Lennon: Happy

Teacher: You don’t understand the question.

John Lennon: You don’t understand life.

Bike to work. Be happy. Oh, and happy Earth Day to you.

Morning on the #MVT

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