To See or Not to See

What a fantastic day for bike riding. Temperatures in the 50s in the morning and in the 80s in the evening. Perfect. Except…

Good weather brings out everybody. I mean EVERYBODY. There were traffic jams in several spots along the Mount Vernon Trail.

I thought I passed Ed. Ed lives down near me and goes to Friday Coffee Club. He was messing with his bike. I wasn’t sure it was him so I didn’t roll over and say hello. Later he blew by me without saying hello. It was him. Tit for tat.

Later, near National Airport Kathy came flying by. She can sure motor, so to speak, on her commuting bike. Soon after Kathy came the sound of rubber gribbing the trail. It was the guy on the big electric bike with its grippty mountain bike tires. He goes about 20 miles per hour. With ease. Beats sitting in traffic.

Opposite the monuments I saw a bike lying in the grass under a tree. It’s rider was cooking something with a burner and a pot. I think he was making coffee. Is this a great country or what?

Pedal. Pedal. Trance.

Soon I was at work. What a way to ruin a bike ride.

On the way home the warm air hit me as I left the garage. Then I felt a blast of cold air coming out of a garage I passed on Lynn Street.

The trail on the ride home was even more congested than in the morning. Adding to the fun were the Lancelots. These are grown men in overly tight bike shorts that show more anatomical detail than I care to expound upon. They have no regard for anyone’s safety as they ride very fast and weave in and out of the trail traffic putting everyone in harms way.

I could have seen more of their anatomies but the tree pollen count was in the billions. My eyes were caked with the stuff. It may sound like I am complaining but I will take pollen over the frozen noo noos of February any day.

I stopped to check out the eagle nests. The two biggest ones are now all but completely obscured by leaves.

I made it home practically flying blind. I work from home tomorrow. I’m going to miss my commute.

2 thoughts on “To See or Not to See

  1. Yeah. Anatomical detail. It’s really fun when they come up to you in said shorts and start talking about specific parts of their anatomy that hurt from their saddles and WHAT CAN YOU RECOMMEND TO FIX IT?

    Lancelots indeed.

  2. I do a pretty brisk pace, but the lancelots annoy me because of their obnoxious no call and often dangerous passes. Plus, so few of them can climb a hill that I find myself passing them again at the little bumps at DCA or into OT. C’est le vie.

    My new complaint is people walking their dogs with long leashes and headphones in. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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