Leap Frogging the Meth Man

We’ve been bombing along  the GAP trail for 2 days. The incessant uphill was starting to wear thin, but the scenery is just spectacular and the weather has been nearly perfect. We are being entertained by our leap frogging a solo rider who is a bit “off”. You might even  say he seems to be a few spokes shy of a wheel. We’ve decided (with absolutely no evidence whatsoever) that he is a meth addict. He keeps stopping to char but says very strange things.

Meth head: “I may ride to DC. Is there anything interesting there? ”
Us: “Nothing. Not a bloody thing.”

We ride off convinced he is a two wheeled serial killer.

We are safe tonight crammed in a guesthouse in a small town. We have Shiner Bochs and Mr. Meth Head will have to pry them out of out cold dead hands.

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