Can’t Argue with the Numbers

During the day I saw online, for the umpteenth time, the statement that only about a quarter of cyclists in the DC area are female. My experience differs:

Alex, Amy, Bec, Betsy, Charmaine, Claire, Crystal, Cyndy, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Emilia, Erika, Flor, Gina, Heather, Jean, Jean, Kate, Katie, Katie, Katie Ann, Kathy, Kirsten, Kristen, Laura, Lauren, Leslie, Lesley, Linel, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lorraine, Lydia,  Magen, Mary, Megan, Michelle, Nancy, Nelle, Rachel, Samantha, Shane, Reba, Veronica

That’s off the top of my head. The women I know that ride bicycles in DC. I know I am leaving several names out. I also commute daily on the Mount Vernon Trail and my sense is that the share of women riders is much higher than a quarter.

So, tonight I conducted an experiment. Starting at the Memorial Bridge I kept track of the share of female riders for 100 northbound riders.  27 were female. The percentage started out near 50 but fell erratically until it settled in the high 20s and stayed there.

I’ll try this again another day, but 100 people is a pretty big sample.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Argue with the Numbers

  1. Can you recommend a place for me to leave my car in our near DC while we ride the C&O/GAP?
    I am not familiar with the DC metro area. I have looked at lots on K St. and wondering if those are OK places to leave my car for a week. I have also looked at a couple of metro stations. We are taking the train from Union Station to Pittsburgh on the 1st.

  2. I can think of a couple of options. First, you could leave your car at the long term lot at National Airport (I don’t know if there are private off-airport lots but there is an on-airport one). This will cost some amount of money. Another option is to leave your car in front of my house. This won’t cost you anything but you’ll have to ride 15 miles (mostly on the Mount Vernon Trail) to Union Station and 15 miles from Mile 0 of the canal. (You’d also need to leave me a spare key so I can move the car if necessary.)

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