Surprise, It’s Summer in DC

Today’s commute started out splendidly. I wore a t-shirt that has grown in the last few weeks. I think this may be a result of the bike tour I did last month. Nice surprise.

The ride to work on The Mule was uneventful for the most part. I was in my usual trance until I made it to Union Street in Old Town. There I found myself following a BMW station wagon with Maryland plates. It was inching along the street. I tried passing on the right and it drifted to the right. I moved back left and it moved back. Then it came to a stop right in the middle of the lane.

I decide to hell with this nonsense and passed the car on the left. The driver was fiddling with his cell phone. I yelled something non-vulgar as I rode by shaking my head demonstratively.

I continueDSCN3985_1110d workward with a nice breeze that made my oddly large t-shirt flap along the sides. When I came to the bridge just before the troll bridge (the boardwalk underneath the TR Bridge) I spotted an odd duck sitting on a mud flat in the river. It was a snow goose. I thought it might be dead because it was positioned awkwardly and was not moving. It was still there in the evening and was moving around quite gracefully.

When I arrived at my office I had another surprise. K18595872232_19694ef663_zelly is a co-worker who sits in a cubicle just outside my office. She is a runner and skier who is recovering from hip surgery. The doctor has cleared her for non-impact activity. For the last few weeks she’s been picking my brain about bike commuting. She had her old mountain bike fixed up with new tires and some other basic maintenance work. This weekend she took it for a test ride. Apparently it was a big success because today she went for it; she rode to work for the first time! She was totally stoked about the experience.

Striking while the iron was hot, I told her about DC Bike Party, Friday Coffee Club, Wednesday Coffee Club, 3rd Thursday Happy Hour, the Donut Crawl, and the Bicycle Space social rides.  I had her at “cupcakes.”

The ride home was a n18427896298_48ecdc34d5_zot so big surprise. It is summer here in DC and that means evening thunder storms. I knew from the weather warnings that I would not make it all the way home before the rains hit. I was hoping to get to an underpass near National Airport but my luck ran out about 1/4 mile from it. I’d have kept riding in the rain but there was lightning and I was in no hurry so I took shelter under the bridge.

I always say that I am less concerned about the rain than I am about the wind. There were several large limbs on the trail as I headed south from the bridge. I later learned that a tree had fallen across the trail at the 14th Street Bridge where I could have waited out the storm. Eek.

Once the rain stopped I headed home. Within 20 minutes the sun came out. By the time I got home my clothes were dry.

It’s summer in DC.

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