A “Solo” Evening with Kathy, Linel, and Hermione

I worked from home today. I spent most of my time fretting about the crew replacing the gas line to the house. There were backhoes and sweaty men and tampers and a big truck with a Mud Dog whatever that is. They finished up after six or seven hours in the heat. So far nothing has gone BOOM.

My daughter took off for a concert in Maryland (something about Mumford and his kids) and my wife was doing yoga, so I was on my own for dinner. I decided to ride The Mule to Old Town and rustle myself up some grub.  Before I did I sent a tweet out just in case someone else might be up thataway.

I decided to have fish and chips at Eamonns. While waiting for food, I checked my mobile device and learned from Bob (Don’t Call Me Rachel) Cannon that a tall ship was docked in Old Town. I had thought it was coming tomorrow so I was pretty happy to get a chance to go check it out. L’Hermione is a replica of a French vessel built in 1780. Lafayette convinced the king of France to build it and send it to the colonies so that the upstarts could kick some British ass. Merci beaucoup, Marquis.

A later tweet told me that Kathy Lewis was in Old Town to do pretty much the same thing as me. An Instagram post told me that Linel was taking a yoga class a few blocks away and planned to check out the Hermione as well.

I had already ordered food and she had already locked up her bike so I ate and rode down to meet her at Virtue, a tony eatery owned by the same people who own Eamonn’s.

We sat and drank a beer and talked about the quirks of friendship: how some require no maintenance and are lifelong while others are impermanent, falling apart without explanation.

Kathy and L’Hermione

We moved our dicussion outdoors and made our way to the Hermione. The crowds were plenty big for a weeknight. I am sure the place will be mobbed this weekend. He stood and admired the beautiful rigging, sails, and woodwork. It boggles my mind that a ship this small can survive the stresses of the North Atlantic.

We turned to leave and in short order ran into Linel. We chatted for 20 minutes as the sunlight began to fade. Both Kathy and I practically drooled over her beautiful bike. (Sorry I didn’t think to take a picture.)

I had neglected to bring a headlight and Kathy needed to get to bed early so the three of us went our separate ways.

The ride home in the fading daylight was fun, except for the bugs. It’s that time of year when you ride through clouds of bugs on the trail. I concentrated on keeping my mouth shut and hoped none would get in my ears. I made it almost all the way home before BUZZZZZ. A fly went right in my ear. Ack!

I made it home grateful for the wonders of social media. What could have been a solitary, out and back ride turned into quite an interesting night.

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