July by the Numbers

July featured a pretty awesome hike, a century bike ride, a couple of rides to baseball games and some test rides of new bikes.

I rode 716 miles in total, 491.5 just getting to and from work. Because of the century Big Nellie led the way with 342.5 miles. The Mule came in a strong second with 337 miles. Little Nellie was ridden for 2 commutes for a total of 36.5 miles. (One of the commutes was to and from the car mechanic.)  I rode to work 16 times.

It was a month of odd rides. In addition to the century, I rode to a Nationals game from home during the week on a day that I was telecommuting. I also rode to a game from work.  I rode to and attended a protest about protecting cyclists who use the Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes in DC.

So far this year I have ridden 4,500 miles. 3,025 miles were accomplished just getting to and from work 99 times.  Even though it’s my oldest bike, I’ve commuted on The Mule 58 times.

Both The Mule and Big Nellie have over 38,000 miles on their odometers. I am thinking of acquiring a bike that has a little less heft to it than the three I already own. I am also looking into a new touring bike. Both bikes will have slightly bigger frames. Stay tuned.

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