Sleepless nights < Glorious Weather

I have spent the last several nights dealing with insomnia. This happens from time to time. I sometimes stress out about things to the point where I just can’t shut down my brain. It happened to me last winter. Now I am obsessing about vacation planning. It’s totally stupid but all the details are running around in my head all day.

The last three days have been primo for bike commuting. The weather couldn’t be better. On Tuesday, I was a bit groggy but enjoyed the ride. Yesterday was groggier still. I struggled and wobbled quite a bit. Today, forgetabout it. I am very reluctantly working from home.

I tried exhausting myself last night. I came home from work and mowed the lawn. I was physically tired. I took a melatonin tablet at 9 and started to fade when Mrs. RC decided it was time to chat. Then the Nats game got interesting. By the time it was over the fade had faded and I was wide awake. Yawning, tossing, turning.


I am hoping tonight is the night the sleep dam breaks.

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