August by the Numbers

In the past my riding would drop in August, because of family commitments. Not this year. I banged out 14 commutes, eight on my Tour Easy recumbent (Big Nellie) and six on my Specialized Sequoia (The Mule), for a total of 438.5 miles. On the weekends and days off I rode an additional 374.5 miles, 60 on my Bike Friday (Little Nellie) and 314.5 on my new Surly Cross Check (No nickname yet).

So my total mileage was 813 miles. I’ll take it.

I threw in two hikes: one along the Potomac River in Arlington Virginia and DC, the other was Old Rag on my birthday.

For the year to date, I’ve ridden to work 113 times for a total of 3,463.5 miles. The Mile was my commuter of choice with 64 rides to and from work. The rest of the commutes were split pretty evenly with Big and Little Nellie. For casual rides, I’ve gone 1,856.5 miles. 856 of those miles were on The Mule. At the current pace, the Cross Check will take first place by the end of November. It loves big miles.

My neck and back so far have not been big fans of the Cross Check. I need to take it back to the bike shop to see if I can tweak my set up. It’ll work out, I am sure. It is a mighty nice bike.

For the year I’ve banged out 5,320 miles or about 665 miles per month. September will be an off month as I will be bikeless for a couple of weeks.

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