And the Winner Is…

Nobody guessed my baseball celebrity so I’m going to buy myself a beer.

We had some really guesses that were creative though.

  • Jason Werth (left fielder and Beltway record holder) – lives in Northern Virginia and owns a dog the size of Trigger
  • Max Scherzer (starting pitcher extraordinaire) – I have no idea why
  • Jonathon Papelbon (relief pitcher) – bought a house about four miles from my celebrity sighting. For the record, the dog my celebrity was walking didn’t have a choke chain.
  • Thomas Boswell (Washington Post baseball writer extraordinaire) – I have no idea why
  • F. P. Santangelo (Nats TV color commentary dude) – I have no idea why especially since he lives around the corner from Nationals Park, about 15 miles from Fort Hunt Park

The celebrity was Nationals’ General Manager Mike Rizzo. He was wearing a lightweight vest with the zipper all the way down. Beneath it was a gray Nationals t-shirt with a big red curly W on the front. He said hi to me. I did
n’t realize who it was until I was past him. My fusiform gyrus still needs some work.

If you don’t know who Mike Rizzo is, well, tough taters to you. He assembled the Nationals over the last five years. He had to fire a whole bunch of people last month when the Nats didn’t make the playoffs. He’s had a crappy couple of months. I hope he enjoyed walking the dog.

3 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. I am glad I didn’t guess because all I could come up with was Babe Ruth. I had a feeling it wasn’t right, but I couldn’t think of any other person who would be connected to baseball. I have never watched a game of professional baseball in my life…I am sorry.

    1. Babe Ruth died decades ago. At the Hall of Fame down the road a piece in Cooperstown, you can hear his farewell address to the crowd at Yankee Stadium. He had throat cancer. It’s a sad recording.

      1. My grandpa actually got an autograph from him, he loved baseball with a passion. He would cry if he knew how little I know about the sport.

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