No Worries

So I went to be last night thinking about today’s ride to work. Not having an security ID badge meant that I would get to work and have to deal with the security people while still in my wet biking clothes.  I thought I might as well drive.

Then I repeated to myself. Relax. It’ll work out.

And I rode.

I backtracked my route from yesterday all the while looking for my ID badge. I did a few double takes along the way. Looks like a badge. No, just a business card on the side of the trail. Looks like a badge. No, just some white mushrooms.

On I rode. There were more trail users than yesterday. Running Mom, one of my regulars, was out pushing her toddler in a jogger’s pram. When I saw her coming I thought she’s crazy. As she neared I could see the pram was covered in a rainproof canopy. I smiled and she smiled back. Go Mom!

I forged on in the light rain, constantly looking about for my ID. No luck.

Just south of the TR Bridge, about a half mile from work I spotted something else, a deer carcass right on the edge of the trail. Four or five big crows were having it for breakfast. Gross.

At the Intersection of Doom I had the walk sign so I rode down the Lynn Street sidewalk, all the while looking in the street for my ID. At the intersection of 19th Street I spotted it. About ten feet into the intersection. I waited for the cars to clear and picked it up. The lanyard was demolished but the ID card itself was intact. I soon found out that it’s RFID features still gave me access to the bike room, the elevators, and my office. The picture looked a bit like a relic from an ancient civilization (no old age jokes please).


Of course, now that my picture was messed up, we decided to get me a new badge. Despite several attempts, the new badge would not open the bike room. Lucky for me my boss is a bike commuter and I could sneak in behind him at close of business.




3 thoughts on “No Worries

    1. So far I’ve lost a cell phone on the C&O Canal towpath and found it (in 2014), found my id on the street about 12 hours after losing it, and found $140 in cash on the street. I must have a sixth sense for this sort of thing.

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