Go Ask Alice

What more can you say when it is 70 degrees on Christmas Eve in DC.

Oh, and it was muggy to boot.

Take one El Nino and one Climate Change and call me when winter really gets here? If ever. I bought a new blade for my snow shovel a few weeks ago. Apparently, I jinxed winter. Next year I am buying a snow blower in November.

During the afternoon I jumped on the Cross Check for a spin around the neighborhood. In shorts.

During my 30 mile jaunt I saw a runner in shorts. And shoes. And nothing else.

I saw kids playing on swings. In shorts and t-shirts.

I saw big fluffy dogs looking decidedly unhappy about the warmth.

I saw a blond squirrel. My first one. Ever. It was the color of a golden retriever. I tried to get its picture. It ran away.

Go ask Alice.


5 thoughts on “Go Ask Alice

  1. I helped jinx winter. I got studded bike tires a couple weeks ago and set up a winter bike. This weather is crazy! I’m in Northeast PA and it was almost 70 today.

  2. We got winter for you. We were supposed to get “maybe” an inch of snow. We got 6. This Christmas morning is dense fog and 25 degrees. I’d rather have your weather! Merry Christmas

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