The Mule Abides and Other Randomnesses

  • My brother sent me an invitation to his wedding in Jamaica. It’s in July. It’s his 4th. I haven’t talked to him in years. It likely conflicts with my summer bike tour in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin. I may be a few spokes shy of a wheel, but  I hear the call of The Mule. The Mule abides.
  • I used to watch Inside the Actor’s Studio. It had some terrific quotes.
    • Michael J. Fox said he got into acting because “Two plus two is always going to equal four. What’s interesting about that?
    • Robin Williams’ favorite word was “smegma”.
    • Sir Lawrence Olivier once described the personality of actors with nine words: “Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.”
  • A friend unexpectedly returned to DC in early January. She contacted me shortly thereafter. Hasn’t made any effort to get together in the 5 1/2 weeks since. Could be a relative of Olivier. Olivier means “from the olive tree” in French. If an olive tree falls in the grove and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a noise?
  • Clarence lives in DC. I’ve seen Clarence but once in nearly seven months. Clarence recently invited me to a happy hour.I’ll bet you didn’t know that Spoetzl made mulled wine. I missed the happy hour. I miss Clarence. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as an odbody tree.
  • I really like the analogy at the end of this blog post: our bodies and feelings are like rivers. He could have added “our lives.” In my book, this is a whole lot more useful than the dogma that was shoved down my throat in parochial school in the 60s.
  • When I was 24 I had been to one foreign country – Canada. My kids who are a combined age of 44 have been to 18 countries between them. At least we are tied on continents (4). For the record, I have been to seven more. No way I can catch up though; my daughter is bouncing around Europe until June.
  • I went to an Expos game at Jarry Park in Montreal a long time ago. (Willie Mays was on the Giants roster that day but he didn’t play.) I still think the present day Expos, who are now the Washington Nationals, should make all announcements in English and French. I mean wouldn’t calling the pitcher Le Lanceur just be awesome? Maybe they can have an Expos uniform day. (Best caps ever.) And what better names have there ever been for a ballplayer than Vladimir Guerrero, Claude Raymond, and Le Grand Orange?
  • The Nationals are the best immigrants ever. Hope President Trump doesn’t deport them. If he throws out the first pitch in 2017, Jonathan Papelbon will finally not be the most loathed person in the ballpark.
  • Every once in a while I get into a stressful conversation with someone and, as Mrs. Rootchopper says, “They don’t want a conversation; they want an audience.” Remove these people from your life. You’ll thank me when you do.
  • I have been doing crosswords and other puzzles every day since college. While we were in Australia, our daughter got us hooked on a game show that included anagrams. Lately, Mrs. Rootchopper and I have become obsessed with Scrabblegrams (jumbles of letters you make into words to earn a score.) We are pathetic human beings.
  • I can’t wait to ride to work tomorrow. I know my fusiform gyrus is messed up but clearly I need a neurological examination stat. I may even ride my recumbent. Yeah, that’ll help. I expect to see people in white jackets when I arrive at work.

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