Must Be Spring Fever

It’s been a weird week. I took Monday off to watch some large humans play house tetris. This is the moving of stuff from the top two levels of your house to the bottom two levels so that the floors in the upper two levels can be refinished. Our floors are 50 years old and have never been touched so we thought it might be time. Pro tip: if you are getting splinters when walking across your floors, you’ve waited too long. Although we had waited too long, we no longer have kids in the house so the disruption to our lives is only an 8 on the PIA scale.

The moving crew consisted of two people. They picked up some furniture that must have weighed in excess of 300 pounds. They moved these items around with apparent ease never touching a wall or a ceiling.

After they were done, I jumped on my Cross Check for a ride. It was a bit breezy and about 60 degrees, I could hear my Cross Check calling my name. I rode down to Mount Vernon. Along the way I spotted a trike with a red cargo trailer. The trailer had an American and a Chinese flag flying from the back. Words on the sides of 26125370960_b14afab962_mthe trailer said it h
ad been ridden over 140,000 kilometers and visited 23 countries on behalf of Olympic spirit and Jesus. If I had examined the trailer for a longer time I might have seen a reference to weight loss, autism, and MSG avoidance. The trailer was being ridden into the wind by an ancient Asian man who looked like a character out of Kill Bill. When he reached an incline he dismounted and pulled the trailer and trike with a strap.

On my way back from Mount Vernon I slowed as I rode past Fort Hunt Park. Near its nest, I could clearly see a massive bald eagle.  It was too far away for a picture on my phone but it seemed like the biggest eagle I’ve seen in a long time.

I continued on to Dyke Marsh. I spotted a photographer with a monster lens on his camera under the Tulane Eagle Nest. I hadn’t seen an eagle there yet this year, but he pointed out another huge bald eagle on a branch high above.

I parked at Dyke Marsh and did an out and back stroll on the trail. (No bikes allowed.) I hadn’t been on this trail in years but recent Instagram pictures from my friend Linel gave me the idea to check it out. Well worth the time.

I rode home and called it a day.

Early Tuesday the flooring crew showed up. We chose a stain and headed out to work. Little Nellie got the call because of rain in the area. I managed to get through 10 miles before the skies opened up. At least I had a tailwind.

When we arrived back home, nearly the entire floor on two levels of the house had been sanded clear. The finest coating of sawdust covered every surface. I spent an hour dusting and vacuuming. My sinuses were not happy.

Today, I rode Big Nellie to work. It was ten degrees colder and I had a headwind but I didn’t mind one bit. Riding in the daylight can do that to you. After work, I was pushed home by a steady tailwind. While we were at work, the crew stained our floors using something called, I think, a natural stain. Whatever it was it made the floors look pretty good. They also smell pretty bad. (I have a headache as I write this.) Tomorrow two coats of sealant go down. The joint may be uninhabitable.

At least it’s Spring.

P.S. Tomorrow my daughter turns 21. At the moment, she is living in Sweden which means, for her, it is already her birthday. She’s 21 and has visited 20 countries outside the US. Dang. When I was 21, I had been to five states and two provinces. I had been on a plane once. For about 30 minutes. Times sure have changed.




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