July – Going Long

July was my biggest mileage month in ages. Maybe forever. I rode 1,183 miles. Most of these were as part of my bike tour of Wisconsin and Michigan which totaled 832 miles. The other 351 miles came as a result of 11 bike commutes and yesterday‘s weekend ride.  One of these commutes was to and from the mechanic instead of home. Another involved riding to my wife’s office to rendezvous with my kids to see a Nats game.

During the month, The Mule crossed the 41,000 mile threshold. The Mule abides.

For the year I have ridden 4,555 miles. 2,807 miles were just from bike commuting 96 times. Even though it’s 25 years old, the Mule accounted for 46 percent of my mileage. Big Nellie, which is about 14 years old, did 25 percent of my miles. Little Nellie, my folding travel bike, bagged 18 percent of my miles. That left only 11 percent for my Cross Check. I am just not riding teh Cross Check much on weekends. I am thinking of using it for commuting in a month or so.

I have only done a three event rides this year (Vasa, Five Boro, and DC Bike Ride).

I didn’t do any hiking in July. I mean to fix that next month.

Also, I  signed up for three century rides in September and October. I will almost certainly do the 50 States Ride in September and the Great Pumpkin Ride in late October.

According to the fitness center scale at work, the bike tour took well over ten pounds off my “engine.” I suspect measurement error. If the scale isn’t broken, I am down in the low 190s. When the trip ended two weeks ago, I was probably in the high 180s.

Maybe I should quit my job and market the Rootchopper Weight Loss Plan in which you eat enormous portions of cheese laden food and drop 20 pounds in less than two weeks. The secret sauce (as it were) is to ride a 70+ pound bicycle 73 miles per day.

One thought on “July – Going Long

  1. Think of the millions you could make with a book titled, “How I Ate 5,000 Calories AND LOST WEIGHT” or maybe “Stuffing Yourself Thin” or “One Simple Movement To Extreme Weight Loss”.

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