The Sick Rule

One of the benefits of bike commuting is good health. This year has been an exception for me. In May I missed two days of work recovering from a respiratory infection that resulted in an ambulance trip to the emergency room in the middle of the night. Scary stuff. Today, I missed another work day. I woke up at 2 am with cold sweats and a sour tummy. I sat in a comfy chair for two hours and felt crummy. I waited until my stomach calmed down and went back to bed.

When the alarm went off I stayed down. I was groggy and just felt lousy. My head felt heavy. My tummy felt queasy. It was time to invoke the sick rule: if i am too sick to ride to work, I am too sick to go to work. Whenever I have violated this rule, and it’s been many a time, I have regretted it.

So I stayed in bed for most of the morning. I couldn’t sleep so I practiced some breathing meditation. I’d have preferred a deep sleep but you take what you can get. At least I was relaxed when I got up.

I hate wasting really good bike commuting weather but my tough-it-out days are over. I feel much better after a day of lazy about, eating, and reading.

I feel better now. I feel better than James Brown.

Tomorrow, I’m riding Deets to work. On the way home, I think I’ll take in a Nats game. And if that works out, I’ll go to the afternoon game on Saturday.

There is no sick rule in baseball.



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