September – One Bike, One Month, One Blowout

It was a great month for riding and I took full advantage. I rode 916 miles, all of it on Deets, my Surly Cross Check. I rode to work 18 times for 505 miles. I did the Indian Head 100, the 50 States Ride, and the Backroads Century. I also rode to three baseball games. Yay bike valet!  I had one blow out. Boo, bad tires. I didn’t do any hiking (sad face) but there’s only so much activity my body can take in a month.

For the year, I’ve ridden 6,155 miles and ridden to work 133 times.

I’m looking forward to the Seagull Century next weekend. And the Great Pumpkin Ride later in the month.

I am also starting to think about next summer’s tour. If my plans pan out, it will be my biggest tour ever.


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