Staycation Listicle

I am taking a week off to close out 2016. My brain is still coughing up hair balls:

  • The right hand bar end shifter on my Cross Check died after 15 months. I have also replaced the right hand side shifter on two other bikes in the last two years. I must have developed awesome hand strength or they don’t make them like they used to.
  • If you eat cookies and pretzels and pizza and diner food for a week and wash it down with beer, your clothes will shrink. Also, it becomes much harder to ride a bike up a hill.
  • I don’t know if it is physical or psychological but my biking legs are toast. I needed a break anyway to get ready for snow shoveling in a couple of weeks.
  • I am pretty sure that if 2016 lasted 13 months, there would be no famous people left alive. Now that I think about it, it seems as if 2016 has lasted 15 months.
  • My baseball game preferences:
    • Going with my kids
    • Going with a friend (or two or three)
    • Going alone
    • Watching on TV
    • Listening on the radio
    • Staring at the calendar waiting for Opening Day
    • Watching any other sport.
  • My 2017 to do list has only a few things on it:
    • Attend my daughter’s college graduation in May
    • Ride my last Bike to Work Day (See below)
    • Volunteer at the Tour de Fat and at least one other #bikedc event
    • Start going to Friday Coffee Club again
    • Retire (this is below)
    • Ride the 50 States Ride
    • Do a bike tour (currently leaning toward DC to Key West to DC) in September/October/November)
    • Go somewhere warm for Christmas (never done this before)
  • Other things to do in 2017
    • Avoid the ER, lung infections and big metal fart barges
    • Buy kevlar vest so Klarence’s hugs don’t break my aging ribs
    • Do a random social event once per month. Includes bike rides, hikes, lunches, happy hours, bar booth therapy sessions, and the like
    • Avoid people who suck the fun out of life including ungrateful gaslighting woo woo hypocritics, passive aggressive shadow fearing bureaucrats, and neurotic psychotic pig headed politicians

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