Trail Droppings

  • This morning was a cold start to the ride to work. This made up for it: Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and nature
  • I called the police on the people who park their car obstructing the bike lane on North Union Street in Old Town Alexandria. When I rode by this morning the car was gone. And it wasn’t there tonight either. Progress? Time will tell.
  • My colonoscopy blog posts helped persuade a friend to go for one. My ego wants to say that they found a massive tumor and this blog saved her life. The reality is that they found nothing and she’s good to, er, go for another five years.
  • Today was a sub-freezing morning bike commute. There were a couple of icy spots on the Mount Vernon Trail. I didn’t slip or anything but they reminded me of how much I HATE riding on icy trails.
  • Riding in cold weather really knocks me for a loop. Riding while sick does too. So this week’s bike commutes while sick in cold weather have been a real joy. Also, my cold has kept me from getting a decent amount of sleep. We may get an inch or two of snow overnight. I am working from home tomorrow.
  • It seems that the newspaper is filled with news items of politicians proposing things that seemed motivated by spite. How did so many mean spirited people end up running our government? I can’t read the paper or watch the news because I am exhausted by hatefulness.
  • My oldest brother has been doing genealogy research. (Why is there an “a” in that word?) He submitted a DNA sample for analysis. It determined that we are nearly entirely descendants of Irish/British/western Europeans. With dribbles and drabs of other Europeans thrown in. So much for the family story that we are part Blackfoot Indian. He hasn’t discovered any famous ancestors.
  • Tonight I am talking some Nyquil and getting some sleep. Take it easy out there #bikedc.

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