Sick Day Bike Rule

Living 15 miles from the office, I have a personal rule about calling in sick: If I am too sick to ride to work, I will call in sick. I have violated this rule dozens of times Not today.

Mrs. Rootchopper has been sick for two weeks with a persistent cough, aches, and pains and fatigue. She took two sick days last week which last happened in the Clinton administration. I keep telling her to go to the doctor but she hates her doctor, who was foisted on her by the dissolution of our primary care doctor’s practice several years ago. I went to him once then decided to bolt. He reminds me of Jaba the Hutt.

Last year I had a cough all winter into spring. This developed into a respiratory infection, severe chest pains, and a trip to the ER by ambulance at 3 in the morning. The ER doctor gave me a nebulizer treatment and a prescription for antibiotics. I was better in under a week.

So I didn’t want to go through that again. I have been sick on and off all winter. I think some of it is allergy related because of the mild winter. Regardless I want my drugs now thank you.

So I slept until noon then went to the doctor. He gave me some antibiotics and swabbed my nose (not a lot of fun) for flu. The test came back negative. My medications are

  • Antibiotics for three days
  • Saline rinse for my nose (neti pot)
  • Zyrtec at bedtime
  • Microdosing LSD

I made the last one up. (Not that I wouldn’t want to give it a go.)

At the drug store my prescriptions (I also filled one for eye drops) were free. This is sick day karma in action.

In the process of tweeting about my illness, I discovered that I have two twitter followers who are nurses and lawyers. Go figure. Is this a thing?

One of the nurse lawyers said I should take tomorrow off, paint my nails and go shoe shopping. Do my tweets betray a latent queer side? Help me, Klarence!

So as of this writing I have taken my antibiotic du jour. Next is my neti pot. My asthma medicine. Followed by a nice long, hot shower. Then I get in my Washington Nationals jammies (pitchers and catchers report in 10 days!!), and curl up like a ball. Zzzzzzz.

I am packed for a bike commute tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Sick Day Bike Rule

  1. In the same boat, been walking around with sickie feeling for a couple weeks. This past Saturday was a literal crash and recharge day. Felt totally ready for Monday…and now my eyes are again rimmed in red! Ergh!

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