Where Do You Come From?

Yesterday, I was notified that I had my first reader from Guatamala. I am pretty sure this is Katie (had to be a Katie) Fignewton (not her real name) who I met on the first Cider Ride a few years ago. Katie is working in the Peace Corps. Go Katie.

Seeing my first post from Guatamala prompted me to check my blog diagnostics (there are only a few) for views by country. Since I migrated over from Blogspot in late 2012, this blog has had over 58,000 views from 97 countries. Not surprisingly, over 92 percent were from the US.

Blog Countries




The rest as it turns out are largely from English speaking countries. Many of the rest may be from regular readers who are traveling including my kids who have spent a good deal of the last two years overseas. Still, nobody I know has been to Brazil enough to explain the fact that it ranks 5th in foreign country views. Likewise for number 10, the Philippines.

I can’t tell who these readers are but I can deduce from my friends’ travel patterns that my blog is cheap entertainment for those down times in hotels and at airport layovers. I can also sometimes tell who doesn’t read the blog based on travel patterns.

So wherever you are, thanks for reading.

One thought on “Where Do You Come From?

  1. Here’s hoping you get a least one viewer from every country in the world this year. I don’t know exactly how many countries there are in the world…but good luck.

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