May Sloth

May was my lowest mileage month of 2017. I had my excuses. My daughter graduated from college so that was well worth missing four days of riding. And the weekends were cold and damp. I went to a baseball game or two. And I did a couple of hikes. So I am not a complete sloth.  (I have been known to sleep upside down hanging from a limb, however.)

I rode 580 miles in the month. My 18 bike commutes accounted for 527 of those miles, and did one long-ish ride of 50 1/2 miles on Big Nellie.  I rode my Cross Check until it hit 5,000 miles then I switched to Little Nellie until it hit 18,000 miles. Now I turned my attention to my long neglected recumbent, Big Nellie, in search of the 41,000 mile mark. (The Mule is in the stable eating oats.)

As expected the highlight of the cycling month was Bike to Work Day, most likely my last one. I went to four pit stops and the WAMA pizza and beer happy hour. I encountered old friends, made new ones, and deftly avoided unpleasant people.

For the year I have 3,312 1/2 miles with 80 bike commutes.


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