The Brain Squirrels Have Their Say

They pulled a body from the river today

He was born on third base

Now he’s nothing but a bag of bones

Good bye blue Mondays

Put a Buddha in the bathroom

Paint it teal to make it feel roomy

You can kill a rain forest

For a night of pure love

She started a salad bar fight

And took instagram pictures of her gluten free food

Even if you screw up the ratios

They’ll still like the shape of your crepes

You can fly around the world

See the Maoris’ eyes and tongues

Watch the penguins come ashore

As the ladyboys go to a show

See a sheik in the airport

With his tall glass of water

Climb the spirals inside and out

And float in a blue lagoon.

It’s all just ass and panties

If you simply begin again

Go back to where you started

We’ll get together soon enough



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