July – Going, Going Long

I finally got off the consistency schneid and broke the 800-mile barrier for a month of bike riding this year. 812 to be exact.

532 miles riding back and forth to work with a couple of side trips to Nats Park. That’s 18 more bike commutes. Little Nellie did 50 miles and the Cross Check provided the rest of the transport.

My long ride of the month was the Whites Ferry century (101 miles) on my Cross Check. Little Nellie jumped in the trunk of my car for romps in Rhode Island and New Jersey.

So far this year I’ve ridden 4,869.5 miles. If I just straightened this out I’d be somewhere south of Lima by now.

3,489 miles are attributable to 119 bike commutes.

That could get me to the west coast. By now. If I started in early May.

Just sayin’.

P. S. I am really grateful for the help Laura Miller from WABA gave me today to get a friend signed up as my guest for this year’s 50 States Ride in September. Ella no será un novato esta vez.


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