August: The Retired Bike Commuter

I commuted by bike 14 times this month. I’d have done more but I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more.

The commuting was good for 423 miles. I did another 443 1/2 miles mostly after I threw in the chain rag. This included the back-to-back death marches, Colin’s ride over rocks and roots and the Reston Century.  Truth be told, they would have been infinitely harder had the weather been more typical of August, blast furnace hot with sauna-level humidity.

It was my highest mileage month of the year. I’m now at 5,736 miles. 2,406 miles or 42 percent were on my Cross Check. The other three bikes each had about 1,100 miles on them. I finished my bike commuting career at 133 rides to work.

After mowing the lawn today, I took Big Nellie out for a ride. I was in t-shirt, a swim suit, and Teva sandals. I rode to the Lincoln Memorial and back. 30 miles. I saw a dozen or so snowy egrets, smelled honeysuckle, and heard a rather exotic bird call at the power plant in Old Town. It was nearly the same ride as my bike commute, without the work in the middle. I do believe I am adjusting just fine. Tomorrow I’ll do it again, but I’ll stop at Friday Coffee Club to rub it in.



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