September – The Longest Month

It only has 30 days but September 2017 was the longest month of my bicycling life. I rode 1,742 miles, over 58 miles a day. Eek! Actually, I took two days off so I averaged over 62 miles on the days I rode. Yikes!

The first two-thirds of my No Way So Hey bike tour accounted for 1,413.5 miles. I rode two centuries (103 and 99.5 miles – rounding up) plus two other days of over 90 miles.

On top of the tour, I did the 50 States Ride for the ninth time.  I had a great time except on the last hill that nearly killed me. It was so hard that I had big doubts about my ability to even do the bike tour. Fortunately, after the first day, hills were few and far between.

I did a smattering of other day rides during the month. Little Nellie, my Bike Friday New World Tourist took the month off.

By the end of the month I had ridden 7,478 miles so far this year.

The Mule passed two milestones: 44,000 and 45,000 miles. It is currently at Papillon Bicycles in Arlington getting some serious TLC. It has to be in shape for next summer’s follow up. The basic plan is: point the bike west and ride until you see nothing but salt water to the horizon.

October is also starting to look like a 1,000 mile month.


4 thoughts on “September – The Longest Month

  1. If you keep heading west until you see nothing but salt water you could arrive where I live!! You are always welcome!

    I have done a bicycling tour each summer since 2011 and of all of them, the one I did this summer was the best for interest, scenery, lack of bugs and range of temperatures. Maybe you already read this travelog. Maybe not but… I think you are gonna like the West Coast, once you get here!! 🙂

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