Back under the Mendoza Line…

After my return from Key West, I noticed that I was much thinner than when I left. No surprise there, despite following a seefood diet and drinking beer nearly every night. So I have made a concerted effort to maintain my new weight. This involves not snacking on junk and avoiding alcohol, which I was sick of anyway. (I’ve had five beers and two glasses of wine since arriving in DC from Florida in mid-October.) I didn’t weigh myself when I came back but most of the clothes that fit me tightly last summer are rather saggy these days. I think I have gained a few pounds back.

Today I went to the doctor for some asthma drugs. (Don’t get asthma. As Bob Gibson used to say, “It’s bad news.”)  In addition to the drugs, I asked for flu and pneumonia shots. And, as usual, I was weighted.

197 pounds. Fully clothed. After breakfast.


I am below the Mendoza line for the first time in four years.

Afterwards I celebrated by getting my haircut. You might say it was time. I always hate my haircuts but this one I like. My barber is not a bicyclist but he was fascinated by the fact that I rode a bike alone to Key West.


Then I went for a bike ride to the gym. It’s four miles from home. I took the long way and got there after 17 miles. Then I rode another seven miles home. I’m not lost. As John Lennon said, “Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles.”


One thought on “Back under the Mendoza Line…

  1. Chapeau sir I don’t think I have been under the mendoza line this century, got to 208 in ’06 but that was as close as I got.

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