Now We’re Getting Nowhere

The DVT/pulmonary embolism recovery marches on. No setbacks so far, knock wood.

Today I ran some errands in the car. I was not the least bit tired nor did I experience any shortness of breath. The spirometer indicates that my lung capacity is still lower than normal but there is no huffing and puffing and my heart rate isn’t jumping into the red zone with minor exertion.

Only a few days ago, I was having difficulty getting the spirometer up to 2,000 ml. Last night and today I hit or exceeded 2,500. I still can’t hold it in my lungs for than a second though.

After lolling around most of the day, I went into the basement for a riding and reading session. Today I lasted 1:03 and I pedaled much harder than yesterday. So I am calling the “mileage” at 12 miles.


I was not the least bit uncomfortable during the ride. I didn’t feel that sharp pain in my left calf as I did yesterday. And there were no stabbing pains in my right lung.

I may be going nowhere but I’m getting somewhere.

I made appointments to see a hematologist and a pulmonologist in the coming weeks. The pulmonologist saw me in the hospital. She’s calming and is a good communicator. I will not be using hematologist from the hospital. He made it clear that he’s inclined to keep me on blood thinners for life. I want a second opinion. My doctor thinks very highly of a hematologist in his building so I am going with his recommendation.




4 thoughts on “Now We’re Getting Nowhere

  1. Hello Rootchopper,

    I wandered onto your blog, as I occasionally do, and was heartened by the approach to recovery you are in the midst of.

    I too, am a PE survivor. I’m sure you know that many who get one(PE), don’t. I also credit my bike riding as both part of the reason my body made it through, and for continued health after recovery.

    Here is to a great 2018 of family and biking, and i am looking forward to reading of your next adventure.

    Rusty Click
    Pgh, PA

  2. Hey there RC: Go with the evidence rather than the recommendation you want to hear. Your job is to ask for the evidence, the studies that inform the recommendation. Then evaluate the evidence. Reach out to me off line if you want help interpreting the evidence. You’re lucky to be alive. Don’t fuck it up b/c you don’t want to take a pill.

    1. Thanks. I was just laying out the fact that I’m facing a Hobson’s choice. It’s early. Lots more data points to come. I don’t even see the hematologist for a month.

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