Musings on a Windy Day

  • I intended to go to Friday Coffee Club today. The founders were bringing birthday cake in honor of six years of caffeinated camaraderie. I would have had to ride 15 miles into headwinds in excess of 30 miles per hour with wind gusts up into the 50s. I went back to bed and dreamed of cake and coffee. Thanks Ed and Mary and Brian and Lane and Lisa for starting the best thing going in #bikedc. See you next week.
  • The winds have been really intense all day, so I took it as an opportunity to get new tires for Mrs. Rootchopper’s car. Her front tires were nearly bald so I wanted to replace them. As it turned out the rear tires were not a whole lot better so we bought four new ones. I am happy to say that the car passed inspection later in the day. I am done with cars for a while.
  • But not licenses. My driver’s license is expiring in mid-August. This is not good. I will need a license to board a flight home from the west coast after making my cross country tour this summer. (Knocking wood all over the place….) Fortunately I can get my license renewed well in advance. Seems like a good thing to do on a rainy day between now and May.
  • Little Nellie is being worked on by my local bike shop. She now has a new big chain ring and a new shifter cable. The mechanic found that the bottom bracket was pretty much a mess. 19,000 miles of cycling will do that I suppose. So they replaced that as well. I was going to pick it up this afternoon but…
  • On the way to the bike shop I encountered a tree that had fallen across three of four lanes of the George Washington Memorial Parkway. The tree had been uprooted by the wind. This is not entirely surprising since the soil near the Parkway is usually damp as a result of being right next to the Potomac River. On the way home from the bike shop, I took a different route and found a main road closed because of a downed power line.
  • My wife and I received $44 from the Commonwealth of Virginia for overpayment of taxes in 2012. That’s right, seven years ago. Within seconds two Facebook friends sought replenishment of beer debts. Yes, I have beer debts which is pretty strange considering the fact that I am under doctor’s orders not to drink alcohol.
  • Speaking of not drinking, I fully expected to feel some kind of fantastic from abstaining from beer. I don’t feel the slightest bit different. I probably weigh five pounds less than I would have though.
  • While the car was being repaired I went to the gym to lift weights. My body should look like the Hulk’s by now. Nope. You wouldn’t like me when I’m wimpy.
  • I thought about going to opening day at Nationals Park this year. Then I looked at the prices. $60+ for nosebleeds. I think I’ll resist the hype.
  • My TV stopped emitting sound, but not while using it for Internet Service. I called the cable company. The cable guy swapped cable boxes and tried every adjustment he could think of. Then he mentioned the fact that the TV has a mother board. I got online and saw a suggestion to unplug the TV and plug it back in. A hard reboot as you would do to a PC. Damned if it didn’t work.
  • I am enjoying the insane storm called The Beast from the East that is hitting the UK and Ireland now. Lauren (who I met at Friday Coffee Club) is a Massachusetts native in Dublin.  My daughter Lily is in London. They are both posting pictures on Instagram that look more like Boston that Dublin or London.
  • I have started to cogitate about the route I will take to ride to the Pacific. I am thinking that riding to the Pacific Northwest would be the thing to do because I have never been there. There are loads of options. Feel free to send me suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Musings on a Windy Day

  1. Just picked up the new copy of Cycling the Pacific Coast from the library & from what I’ve heard at least the area around Portland is much improved in this version

  2. I definitely recommend the Cascades and Glacier National Park. They are on the Northern tier which could be combined with Transam and get you back to DC. Lots of options.

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