Any Road Tour: Day 21 – St Paul force field

I broke camp just after sunrise (which was a nonevent thanks to overcast skies) and hit the road heading north with a cool tailwind. Whoever said it was all going to be headwinds is a party pooper.

I stopped st the first roadside eatery for breakfast. I bought the Trucker’s Special.

It was more than I could eat but I didn’t care.

Back on the road I was clipping along pretty well. In Red Wing I passed one of the Red Wing shoe factories and a 3M plant. Both places are looking for people if you don’t mind living in an iceberg six months out of the year.

I could have opted to cross the river back to Wisconsin to continue on the Adventure Cycling route but I chose the supposedly shorter route that The Google offered in Minnesota.

Google is not bad but it doesn’t know about road closures. I must have gone through five closures, one with a long detour.

In Hasting I started following a bike route and ended up, with some help from a dog walker, at a mill with a waterfall.

After that I decided to follow the roads according to a Google Maps. My phone ran out of power so I took a lunch break to plug in.

The last 20 miles were a slog with way too many turns and ominous storm clouds. From time to time it sprinkled which raised my anxiety level. I burn wprsec as the fact they for two hours I never seemed to get closer to St Paul. It was like it had an invisible force field around it.

I finally pulled up st my friend Kathy’s house. I am trying to decide whether to take tomorrow off. Once I leave I will probably follow Adventure Cycling’s route out of town. It’s longer but I won’t have the stress of navigating urban streets. Also it goes by an REI where I can get my tent pole restrung.

71 miles today today.

1,569 for the tour so far.

6 thoughts on “Any Road Tour: Day 21 – St Paul force field

  1. A long ago girl friend got me a wool jersey of the St Paul Saints minor league baseball team. Hope the navigation gets easier. I’d say take a day off, you’ve earned after 3 weeks on the road.

  2. A day off might rejuvenate you both mentally and physically. Plus, as you said, allow you to re-string your tent poles. And give you your appetite back, seeing as how you can’t finish the Trucker’s Breakfast.

  3. I can speak to the force field around the Twin Cities. We were held back by a torrential downpour and a mile-long train. Once you get to ND and MT, there are so few roads, you won’t need Google. You could use a AAA (auto) road map (except in a few cities). Google tried to route us over nonexistent and gravel roads. When the ACA (bike) map puts you on the interstate, go for it.

    I agree with your other fans. If you can, enjoy a day off.

  4. Hey John, Jeff and I have been out of town for the past week – can’t believe you’re already in (almost) St. Paul. Congratulations!

  5. Tsk. Clearly you should have ordered the Bicyclist’s Breakfast: a fritter and a burrito.

    We had a similar issue with the tent poles. I think I pulled it through one end and knotted it off to give it some tension. Can’t quite remember, and we’ve since gotten a new tent.

    If you take a zero day and explore Minneapolis, visit the Mary Tyler Moore statue! (No Rhoda statue, sadly) Plus, you’re still within fried cheese curd territory.

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