Welcome to the herd, Amanda

For my few years, I worked with Amanda. Amanda lived for a while in Del Ray Alexandria. And like all DC area residents she complained about her commute. I told her how easy it would be to commute by bike. She thought it was an interesting idea but she didn’t own and bike and wasn’t motivated to get one.

Over time, Amanda’s commuting frustrations grew. The last two years Amanda asked me where she could buy an inexpensive bike to commute on.  For whatever reason, she never followed through. She moved to DC and her commuting woes intensified. (Thanks Metro!) This week she finally surrendered. She started bike commuting!

On her first day she rode in the gross, super humid weather we are having. She didn’t complain. (Maybe because she’s from the deep South.) On the ride home today her baptism in the bike commuting cult happened. She got caught in an epic downpour. (She sent me a post ride picture. We should all look so good soaked to the bone.)  I was tempted to say “Go with the flow” but thought she might not find those words amusing. Despite a tough first week, I think Amanda’s going to stick with it. Wait until we get some beautiful fall weather to ride in.

Congratulations Amanda and welcome to the herd.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the herd, Amanda

  1. Ah the down pour I once rode into a gas station to get out of the downpour and shelter under the over hang covering the pumps it was dry under there and I put my foot down and then noticed a puddle radiating out from my foot …it w as coming from all the water pouring off me! I had to laugh.

  2. Hang in there Amanda, foul weather is the exception and not the norm. It happens to the best of us! I got caught last week without appropriate rain gear (those cheapo $1 emergency plastic ponchos tore within minutes of my fidgeting) but I should know better! However, it was warmish, I got soaked to the bone (I was reduced to hanging my undergarments in the ladies shower room) but made it to work safely and surprisingly my work clothes in my panniers were 90% dry. And, though I hate getting caught in drenching downpours, I survived, and had a wonderful ride home.

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