September 2018 – By the Numbers

September my bike riding dropped like rain. Because rain.

For the first time in five months, I rode less than 1,000 miles. What a slacker.

In 24 days of riding, I managed to plod through 788 miles. Most of my rides were about 30 miles in length, coincidentally the distance from my home to the office and back. My longest ride (61 miles) was the 50 States Ride, my tenth – and last – time. (Yes, I know, I’ve said that before.)

The weather really sucked this month. It rained or was hot and muggy. One way or another, you were drenched the second you walked outside. Thankfully, the misery ended with two perfect fall days yesterday and today when it was perfect outside and I rode 94 1/2 miles.

My Crosscheck reached 10,000 miles a couple of days ago.

For the year, I’ve ridden 9,555 miles. (Yes, I am tired.) Barring a medical catastrophe (been there, done that) I should break 10,000 miles for the year next month. My next goal is 10,444 miles, which would mean I’ve ridden 10,000 miles outdoors. (I did 444 miles in my basement, last winter.)



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