Getting Better

A day of rest and plenty of ibuprofen saw me through yesterday without too much discomfort. I wasn’t getting sharp pains like yesterday, just a general ache and stiffness. So I lounged about until noon. The weather here in DC was about as perfect as it can get. I decided to take a chance and go for a ride.

Before I left I lowered the handlebars back to where they were before my back went out. I gently rode down the street. No pain. And I rode some more. I did my best to avoid hills because they stress the lower back.

Trees were fighting the season, holding on to their greenery. I made my way to Fort Hunt Park. The maples there put on a great show during autumn. Not this year. Not yet anyway.

I left the park and continued on. No back pain. In fact, other than a lack of power to my legs, I felt surprisingly good.

I called it a day after 30 miles and rewarded myself with some cookies. (They are not as big as they appear in the photo. I had my camera set on “gluttony”.)

No automatic alt text available.

I should be fine by Saturday. I plan on doing over 60 miles on the Boundary Stone Ride. It goes around the perimeter of DC to visit all the cities boundary stones. Then there’s a party at a bar called Boundary Stone. I don’t think they serve cookies. Beer will have to suffice.


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