October Riding

This month hasn’t been much to talk about in terms of bike riding. I spent the first half of the month riding my recumbent and the second half riding my folding travel bike. My body is all kinds of confused. By messing around with the height of my handlebars on my Bike Friday, I screwed up my back. So I have been maxing out at 30 miles or so per day. When your back hurts riding is exhausting. I better up my game for Saturday’s Cider Ride. which is over 50 miles.

Total miles for the month: 835.

Longest ride: 43 miles.

Miles so far this year: 10,390

(This means I have now ridden over 10,000 miles outside after being a rehabbing cellar dweller for January and a weather weenie for parts of February and March.

My next goal is to reach 21,000 miles on Little Nellie. I’m fewer than 300 miles from that goal. Maybe I’ll do a hike to celebrate.


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