Leafy recovery

I took some vitamin I last night with a mild sedative and made full use of my extra hour of nighttime.

When I awoke my knees were a bit sore but my back felt wonderful. Not half bad considering how hard they pushed both yesterday.

The weather today was even better too. Perfect fall day. I spent over two hours raking leaves. There are now about 20 giant bags of them out by the curb. Raking leaves is one chore I actually enjoy. On Facebook I offered up my leaves for my friends to take but they have other ideas of fun. Fools!

After a quick lunch I heard Little Nellie calling so I hopped in the saddle and let my dead legs take me out for some neighborhood leaf peeping. How strange that we get so much beauty followed by four months of dreariness.

I went to Fort Hunt Park because it has some fantastic maples. This is the big one at the entrance.

I rolled down to Old Town. The trees in Dyke Marsh are mostly barren now but the low angle of the sun shining off the river made up for lack of foliage.

Tomorrow it will rain. I will rest my weary legs and steel myself for Tuesday’s insanity.

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