Germliner aftermath

Last January I lazed around the house trying to re-inflate my collapsed lung and waiting for my pulmonary embolisms to dissolve. Since then I have read numerous accounts from friends who knew someone who died from PEs. Every time I read about one of these people I shudder.

This January I have had a head cold off and on for three weeks. The first one came and went in three days. I didn’t miss a beat. The second one did the same. I felt fine when I boarded the flight to London, only to arrive in England with a horrible head cold. After four days, it went away. Then I boarded another British Airways Germliner home. I have been sick for three days. You know I am sick when the temperature outside is 50 degrees F and I sleep through the entire day.

I know that if I wait a week my cold will probably go away, but tomorrow I am raising the white flag and calling my doctor. No mas.

2 thoughts on “Germliner aftermath

  1. I’ve had two in Jan and the last one has breached Feb all without the benefit of a Germliner, I am really not appreciating winter this year

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