Exploding bike pumps and the tree of certain doom

Yesterday I saw yet another sign of spring: the first bike tourist of 2019 on the Mount Vernon Trail. He was heading south. Not a bad plan.

Yesterday I went for a bike ride. It was supposed to be 25 miles but I am feeling so good lately that I extended it to 31. Dropping the seat on my Cross Check has transformed the bike. I’m loving it.

During the ride, I came upon a cyclists who was looking forlorn. He told me that the CO2 cartridge thingie he was using had failed and he needed a pump. I told him I had one. I pulled it out of my saddle bag. It was missing seven parts! I found them strewn about in the bag. I didn’t hear an explosion so I think my bike pump may be cursed. I managed to figure out how the parts all fit into the pump and we got the tires pumped. It took about 15 minutes though.

Sunday I did 48 minutes of yoga-ish workout. There’s yoga and planks and side planks and ITB stretches and fuuuug. Basically, I started with a yoga book. Then anytime I see another stretch that I can do, I add it to the routine. The routine started out taking 30 minutes. And it wasn’t that bad. Now it’s exhausting but I feel better after it’s over. The feel better part probably has more to do with the post workout snacks.

During yesterday’s ride I stopped at the gym for self abuse. I hate lifting weights but I am old and weights are good for slowing the aging process. Or so I am told. I saw a guy doing yet another stretch so I’ll add it to my routine. Now you know why I go on bike tours. They are easier on my body than these workouts.

I’ve been adulting when I am not torturing myself or out riding. Yesterday, I moved my money to a new bank and had the screen cover on my iPhone replaced. Today, I dealt with the power company. A tree that is starting to come down into our yard. Fortunately, it is hanging over the power lines. The fortunate part is that it is also hanging over my shed. The power company will remove it. Yay.

I also called AARP to get a new card. I lost mine. It’s with my keys.

In a few minutes I will go for a bike ride. Then I get to do PT for my back on a foam roller.

Tomorrow I will investigate what bugs have been eating my wool sweaters. And get the lawn mower prepped for the season. And maybe some yard work.  If I survive the yoga…

Retirement is hard.

One thought on “Exploding bike pumps and the tree of certain doom

  1. Yes, the signs of spring are here. Funny how equipment just seems to disassemble itself in one’s bag. I am going to have to go through all my stuff in preparation. I might even buy the club kit this year–or maybe I won’t.

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