Bureaucratic Madness

I am applying for Irish citizenship by birthright. My paternal grandmother was born in County Mayo in the late 19th century. She came to the US and married my grandfather, an American, in 1907, 112 years ago.

For my citizenship application, I need her birth, marriage, and death certificates, my father’s birth, marriage, and death certificates, and my birth and marriage certificates. This took months and a couple hundred dollars. I filled out the application and paid $323 by credit card on line. Today Lawyer Mike agreed to witness by application and some other documents at Friday Coffee Club. (Come for the caffeine, leave with the documents.)

When I got home I photocopied everything and then realized I can’t find my grandmother’s official marriage certificate. I know I had it. I remember because the embossed seal had faded. But maybe I confused it with another document.

I feel like I should send my application in anyway, and wait for Ireland to tell me the marriage certificate is missing.

To get the marriage certificate, I have to petition one of the New York State Supreme Courts. (They have more than one. They don’t mess around up there.) Even though my grandfather died in 1948 and my grandmother died in 1965. You’d think there was a statue of limitations for documentation. You’d be wrong.

I have to demonstrate my need. So that means proving lineage. I do not know, and no one up yonder can tell me, if I need to provide official copies on these documents.

Which will be in Dublin if I submit my application.

I have asked my siblings to search for the document. I leave on my tour in two weeks and don’t want this thread dangling.



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