September Dud

I really have no excuse. September was a bike riding dud. I only did 773 1/2 miles. That’s my lowest monthly mileage since March. I managed to ride the 50 States Ride for the 11th time. And I did two 60 mile days, which involved Friday Coffee Club in the morning and a baseball game later in the day.

My only other accomplishment was to re-acquaint myself with Big Nellie, my Tour Easy recumbent. I would have ridden it today but for the rain.

And I found out that I don’t need a joint replacement for either my knee or my hip. I had cortisone shots instead. They help a lot but I am hoping physical therapy puts me right.

I took seven days off this month which is weird because the weather was good. We’re in a drought here in DC. Today’s rain didn’t put a dent in it.

For the year I’ve managed to ride 8,324 1/2 miles. Half of that was on The Mule and 3,000 miles of that was from my tour. My Cross Check picked up 30 percent of the miles. The rest were split between Big Nellie and Little Nellie, my Bike Friday.

I’d say that I will make it to 10,000 miles this year but I don’t want to jinx it.

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